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A specification that will not fit on one page of 8.5x11 inch paper cannot be understood.

Mark Ardis stands for Information Tehnology Posters - a place for simple learning accessories, which can be 'hanged' on the wall or sticked on the side of the monitor, like posters, snippets or sticks. Target audence are IT analysts, designers, managers, developers and researchers.

Note: external posters are opened in new browser window. If the browser window doesn't open, please check your browser's pop-up blocker settings!

Join us and ...


Research Methods Poster

Research Methods Poster will help IT related engineers and researchers in evaluating and/or performing their empirical research.

NEW: Slovenian version available

NEW: Brasilian-Portugese version available

Author: ITPoster community

BPMN Poster

BPMN poster helps process analysts and other users getting familiar with BPMN notation and BPMN best practices. A perfect quick reference for your office, classroom or team working area.

NEW: Brasilian-Portugese version available

Author: ITPoster community

IT security poster image IT Security poster Posters

The posters are designed to be used as part of a general information security education and awareness initiative inside security-conscious organisations, and all organisations pursuing ISO27001 certification (which requires a staff training and awareness plan) or Data Protection Act compliance.

Author: IT Governance Ltd.

link to webpage

XML Poster In development

XML Poster will help IT proffesionals and developers using XML related technologies in software development.


Author: ITPoster community

POEM Poster

POEM (Process Oriented Enterprise Modelling) poster helps process analysts and other users getting familiar with POEM methodology.

BICERO homepage 

Author: ITPoster community

Data protection poster image Data protection posters

This range of posters is designed to be used as part of a general Data Protection Act awareness initiative inside all organisations pursuing Data Protection Act compliance, and in all security-conscious organisations. This combination of products includes one set of five A2 posters and a downloadable version of each poster.

Author: IT Governance Ltd.

link to webpage

Software Design Patterns

Most common software design patterns (Singleton, Facade, Decorator, Strategy, Factory, Adapter, Template, State).

Author: Barone Budge & Dominick (PTY) Ltd.

Software Security Patterns

Security Patterns Catalog Poster. This poster is based on a book which presents a catalog of 23 new security patterns and 101 best practices, identifying use case scenarios, architectural models, design strategies, applied technologies, and validation processes.

Author: Chris Steel, Ramesh Nagappan and Ray Lai

Design Patterns Quick Reference

So every time I am designing something new I find myself either searching Google or opening up a gang of four (GoF) book to aid me. I searched for a bit trying to find a handy-dandy flash card showing class diagrams and purposes for the basic GoF patterns but was unable to locate a good one (for free). So I made my own.If you see any mistakes or improvements please post here and I will update the docs.

Author: Jason McDonald

ITIL process map
The ITIL® Process Map – is designed to accompany you in all the necessary steps from the planning of an ITIL or ISO 20000 project through to a transformed IT Organisation, working along Best-Practice principles. It offers you a complete set of templates for ITIL implementation projects, as well as easily accessible reference information for the IT Service Management domain.

Author: Stefan Kempter

WS Poster

WS poster provides an overview of the Web services standards landscape, with the aim of refraining from introducing any sort of opinion or vendor focus .



PRINCE2 Tube map (Complete Process Diagram)

PRINCE2 (Projects in the controlled environment) poster provides an overview of the PRINCE2 processes.

The first Prince2 Tube Map version 2 has been designed with a number of these in mind. Those who know the original will find the new very familiar. The main changes are aesthetic including the addition of colour coded lines. I hope you find Version 2 as useful a resource as the original. I will of course, leave Version 1 on the site to download if you prefer that one.


Author: Mike Spain

PRINCE2 Poster (flow diagram / tube map)

PRINCE2 (Projects in the controlled environment) poster provides an overview of the PRINCE2 processes.


Author: Mike Spain

UML quick reference card

Author says: "Everything you need to remember about UML (Unified Modeling Language) summarized on one handy A4 sheet! "

Author: Laurent Grégoire

CVS quick reference card

Author says: "Everything you need to know to master CVS, a free version control system running under various platforms. The CVS Quick Reference Card is released under the GNU GPL (General Public Licence)"

Author: Laurent Grégoire

Linux Anatomy poster

The poster includes anatomy of the Linux system and related projects: everything from the kernel to the user applications.

Author: O’Reilly & Associates, Inc.

SQL quick reference card

Quick Reference For Basic SQL Commands.

Author: Digital Widgets, LLC

HTML/CSS charts

Memory joggers for serious websmiths. All the HTML and CSS tags you'll ever need on paper...

Author: Visibone

Terms of use

Posters, created by members of ITPoster community are licensed as Creative Commons Share Alike License. This means that these posters are free for use.

More information about Creative Commons is available here.

For usage restriction of posters not created by members of ITPoster community please contact respective authors.


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